Hard Shampoo for Soft Hair

So, I've seen solid shampoo at Lush and other natural markets, but I really thought to myself "that's a bar of soap for your hair...". YES. It is. And it lasts 3 times as long as an 8 oz bottle of shampoo. And it's eco-friendly. These are things that I love. So I found a $7 solid shampoo yesterday while I was out to try it and see what the buzz was all about. After hennaing a chunk of my hair (2nd round) and leaving it in all night (last time 4 hours was not enough) I used the solid shampoo this morning to wash it out. I was quite shocked. It was pretty great. This is what I bought:
Yep, it's a hair biscuit. And it comes with a little tin that I hope is big enough for Lush's, because that's what I'm getting next. This one has sodium laurel sulfate, boo. But I liked it so much that I went back out later today and got the conditioner. The shampoo smells amazing. It has oatmeal, shea butter, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, and clove leaf oil. The conditioner is also made with oatmeal and shea, but smells fruiter and sweeter than the shampoo. I can't wait to try it. The shampoo lathered pretty well, probably due to the sulfate. I would definitely still use it if it didn't, since we need to free ourselves from the idea that suds = clean. I know it's hard.

All in all I'm 90% sure I'm switching to solid haircare. Even if I recycle the bottles, I feel guilty about all the waste and oil by-products that go into making shampoos and conditioners. And since the solids will end up cheaper overall, work great, and smell delicious- I don't see how I could go wrong.

I tried to take pictures of my henna'd chunk of hair, but on camera the change is so subtle that it's hardly worthwhile. Maybe someone will get a new camera for...Halloween? Hey, it's an important holiday too.

Have you ever tried solid shampoo?

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