Go With the Glow: Pale is Fab!

I've struggled to transform my pale, somewhat freckly skin into a golden beachy glow since the tender age of 11. The first fake tan product I used was terrible! It smelled revolting and turned me an orangey color. As if I needed another reason to be made fun of in gym class. Since then, a lot has changed in the world of the "tan in a can". After trying multiple products (in an affordable price range) I settled on a gloves method of applying Jergens Natural Glow, and was quite content with the results. But it took me so many years to realize that 1. I absolutely CANNOT stick to the routine of applying sunless tanner due to the lengthy process of exfoliation, application, drying, and rinsing and 2. that pale skin is actually fricken awesome and women who choose to care for their skin instead of altering it look great in every stage of life. It wasn't until after I went from blonde to red that I realized the true potential of my white "marshmallow" (thanks, brother) skin.

Here are some tips I've found and come up with to get the maximum return on investing in your pale skin.

1. Sunscreen Obviously, daily. Everyone should be doing this. I know it's hard, but I put on my face sunscreen under my foundation and usually remember the rest of my body in the car, so I keep a bottle in my console. Don't forget important places like your hands (no age-revealing sunspots, please!) and your lips.

2. A good skin care regime Pale skin is often sensitive and a nice, gentle skin care routine is a good idea. Use a gentle acne cleanser if necessary because red spots (as well as pink, agitated areas) on pale skin stand out twice as badly. Pick a nice, paraben-free body lotion and stick to it. Fair skin isn't as resilient as other skin and needs a bit more protection and pampering. Commited moisturization is a tried and true method of holding onto youthful, dewy skin. In fact, marry your lotion if the situation seems appropriate. (*Right now I'm using & loving Nuance Rosehip body lotion. We're in a civil union.)

3. Yogurt masks & Milky baths Yogurt and milk have whitening properties that can help to even out a pale complexion. Use full-fat yogurt for dry skin and low fat for oily skin, and apply after using cleanser. You can consider adding in other skin-soothing ingredients such as oatmeal or honey (an excellent antibacterial). Lemon juice can also be added for additional skin lightening. The lactic acid content of the yogurt will leave your skin soft and your pores clarified. You will get the same results for your entire body by adding 2-4 cups of milk or buttermilk to bath water as the tub is filling up. Soak in this milk bath for at least 20 minutes, and then rinse off with clean water. Channel your inner Cleopatra.

4. Shimmer Just like Edward, but better. Use face powders and body lotions with mica for a delicious glow that will make the girls down at the Gym, Tan, Laundry jealous.

5. Angelic apples Use a pale pink or apricot blush to set your pale off right.

6. Rock glam lips Shades of red, from bright cherry to deep scarlet, look fantastic against light skin. Nothing says drama, romance, or intrigue like a solid red lip. For wonderful instructions on how to achieve this perfect red lip, check out xparkage's video.

The key to feeling good in your pale skin in a world infected with tan fever, is confidence. Feel comfortable in your own skin and wear things that set it off to advantage. If you want to, go crazy and dye your hair like me! I've found that an auburn copper red sets off my shade of fair perfectly, and am sitting with a full head of henna right now. This was a personal choice due to my monochromaticism. Spell check says that isn't a word, but I've just created it so, SO THERE.

Happy Pampering! With love and paleness...

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  1. Thanks! I like your blog :). I just got my ears pierced last year at 21! Don't regret it at all and now I have a slight obsession with earrings.


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