Chilly Days & Lots of Layering- I Love Autumn!

Here in the midwest we had our first real chilly day yesterday (of course, accompanied by rain, which has not left us since the beginning of spring). As much as I dread the impending doom that is winter, I  must be completely honest and admit that fall and winter fashions are my favorite to wear! Summer dresses and strappy sandals have their place, but layering clothes, chunky sweaters, boots, hats, and scarves hold a special place in my heart. The bronze/metallic hues that have been enjoyed all summer, I have heard from a reliable source, will continue to make a strong appearance in fall. Statement jackets and coats, which were worn shortly after the peacoat obsession BONANZA will continue. These are my favorites:

Ah, houndstooth. One of my very favourite patterns. I had a male friend once (quite unschooled in fashion) who called my houndstooth coat a "zebra coat". Oh, men. This one is Banana Republic, but I got mine at a discount store for $20. Try a TJ Maxx or an AJ Wright, if you have them in your area. Or, of course, your trusty Goodwill.

Bright plaid! I love these colors, and I love anything plaid. Especially a big, chunky plaid. I have a coat similar to this, but it has more brown incorporated and comes with a belt and has slightly more accented shoulders. A nice coat can pull a boring outfit together and kick it up a notch! A la Emeril.

Double-breasted or military style coats. I can't tell if this one has epaulettes (the little piece that decorates the top of the shoulder), but I love those. The waist flares out, which works well with the continuing trend (yay!) of skinny jeans. I can tell this is Delias by the model :D.

Faux fur the right way. Do you remember those ugly, puffy coats with the fake fur around the hood that were in during 2006~2008? Try to forget. Fitted and streamlined, or bulk with a defined waist + faux fur = fab. I love these long coats (don't they look warm?).

I love this! I feel I need this coat. From the extremely simple cut, to the high neck, to the muddy color- I'm in love. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I can see some mad accessorizing! + my skinnies :).

And, I will leave you with this look for men. The man in the photos can call me anytime. Seriously. Anytime.

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